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The Seventh Layer of Heaven

Tifa Lockhart

Character: Tifa Lockhart
Series: Final Fantasy VII Compilation
Version: End of Final Fantasy VII ACC. : None of this Dissidia business.
Age: 22
Gender: Female (Look at those funbags, she’s totes a girl)
Sexuality: Cloud sexual… okay fine, heterosexual.

Appearance: BOOBS.

Okay seriously. Tifa Lockhart stands at an average 5’ 4” in height, and probably weighs the same amount as a small toy poodle. That is to say, she’s very thin. Her most distinguishing feature is her rather ample bust, that many fan artists feel the need to only make BIGGER and make the world think Tifa is sporting a double QQ size bra. Honestly folks, show some class. They’re breasts, not bean bag chairs.

Tifa has long, dark brown hair that in the first game was down to her waist and tied in a way that it looked like a dolphin’s tail. But since ACC, her hair has been cut to around her shoulder blades, mostly because they were too lazy to animate all that dark hair. Apparently that’s hard to do. I wouldn’t know, I’m a biologist.

She wears a lot of black these days, a black tank top, gloves, shorts, non-functional belts around said short legs, and a half skirt thing that I’m sure is only there to make us wonder WHY she wears it. She is also still sporting combat boots which must seriously hurt when she plants her foot in your ass for messing with her.

Tifa is still a young woman, so there are few wrinkles or flaws that we see on the skin she shows. One rather glaring thing is the huge scar on her chest, one that runs from just above her right breast down the bottom of her rib cage on the left (She likes to keep this hidden though. Gee, wonder why?). Her face is thin and friendly looking, with large eyes that people can’t seem to decide if they’re red or brown. I like red, it makes her unique, like an albino rat. Well muscled and very defined from years of martial arts work, Tifa is both beautiful and powerful.

Personality: Tifa Lockhart is possibly one of the kindest women on the planet, but that doesn’t mean you can walk all over her. Sure, she has a big heart, is kind, gentle, and wonderful with children, but she also has the heart of a warrior and the skills to back it up. As a child, Tifa was outgoing, bold, and popular with all the boys. But she could also be impulsive and hardheaded, which resulted in her getting pretty badly hurt after her mother’s death. She attempted to climb Mt. Nibel and see her mother on the other side, but the bridge she was crossing broke, and she plummeted to the ground. Her fall didn’t damage her adventurous spirit, however, and she remains cheerful, outgoing, and headstrong. She also learns that Cloud was following her up the mountain, and while her father forbids her to speak to him very much, she is intrigued by the shy young boy who risked himself to follow her. Her outgoing side is what drives her to become a tour guide for the SOLDIER forces that come to her home town later when she is fifteen.

Tifa can be fairly girly and dreamy, despite her tough side. Before Cloud left to join SOLDIER, she asked him to promise her that if she was ever in trouble, he would come back and save her. She wanted her own “knight in shining armor” if you will. But after the Nibelheim incident with Sephiroth and Zack, Tifa developed a hatred for Shinra, SOLDIER, and Mako reactors that pushed her to stand on her own two feet. She still held dearly to the promise she made with Cloud, but she knew she couldn’t wait around for him, as she didn’t even know where he was after Nibelheim (Not that she technically knew where he was during the incident either). Taken to Midgar after being seriously injured in Nibelheim, Tifa became a member of AVALANCHE, as well as a bar hostess. This gave her a somewhat duel personality for a while, the smiling, caring, and lovely caretaker of Seventh Heaven, and the dangerous, smart, and impulsive eco terrorist.

During the FF7 game, Tifa acts as a morale booster for Cloud and the rest of the party, trying to stay positive throughout all of their hardships. She is a motherly figure, doing her best to take care of her companions. Tifa seems to take pride and pleasure in caring for those she loves. She gets scared at times, and tends to run from the truth, afraid that she’ll lose Cloud if she contradicts his messed up memories. This is why she never says anything while Cloud is explaining his inaccurate past in Kalm, but she still seems uneasy at the same time. However, when push really comes to shove, she stays by Cloud’s side and helps Cloud find himself later on in the story, after he gets Mako poisoning and the two of them fall into the Lifestream bursting up from under Mideel. This is where Tifa finally lets go of her hesitation, and helps Cloud see how his story in Nibelheim really went. After this, Tifa spends most of the end of the game acting as a safety net for Cloud, and encouraging him and the others. She’s very soft, caring, and gentle when people are hurting, and she listens extremely well. Also, Tifa is a phenomenal cook, and likes to comfort people with a good meal and drink.

During Advent Children, Tifa is still running a bar of sorts in Edge City, as well as taking care of orphaned children and helping Cloud with his delivery service. Tifa is the type that likes to keep busy; she constantly is doing something with her hands. But even though two years have passed, her kindness and gentle nature don’t abate. If anything, taking care of the children, Denzel and Marlene, in Edge only strengthens her motherly spirit. While her role in AC isn’t extremely long, she still acts as a guide for Cloud, kicking him into shape when he’s running away from his problems. Tifa doesn’t like to see Cloud upset, but she also can’t stand it when he sits there and insults himself. Even if her words are a little harsh, she gets him to do what he needs. Always the protective one, Tifa also makes sure to protect Denzle and Marlene, each when they’re in danger, even if it means risk to her own well being.

Abilities/Weaponry/Strengths: Ms. Lockhart definitely has a bit more strength, speed, and endurance than the average female out there. She’s trained for a quite a few years in Zangan’s style of fighting, and can throw a punch that’ll knock your lights out. If she can hold her own against tanks, giant robots, and WEAPONs, then she’s certainly very powerful. Definitely not SOLDIER strength like Cloud or Zack, but she’s more than handy to have in a skirmish with the resident monsters of Gaia. There’s also the fact that her limit breaks STACK. And summon dolphins. Cool. :| Her weapons are gloves… she’s that cool. That’s all she needs.

Tifa’s most prominent strength however, is her optimism. Her outlook on things is that they will usually sort themselves out, even if the situation looks bad right at the given moment. If Tifa is losing her positive attitude, it usually means that the group is really, severely screwed. Thanks to quite a few months/years of blowing stuff up and acting as a terrorist, Tifa has the ability to keep calm and cool in a situation, provided that her loved ones aren’t in serious amounts of danger. But even then she does her very best to help and protect them, rather than flail around uselessly and cry.

Able to empathize and listen to others makes Tifa a strong support type. It’s probably a combination of her bar hostess job and the fact that she really always keeps an open heart to most that she makes friends easily and tends to draw people to her. She’s incredibly amicable and down to earth, even if she has her own set of dreams she wishes to obtain. Given everything that happened during FF7, it’s safe to say she just enjoys peace and quiet when she can obtain it.

She’s smart and quick, and really able to think on her feet. She has limited knowledge of explosives, and computers, given that that was really Jesse’s territory of AVALANCHE. Tifa is a good planner though, and a good strategist. She’s good at explaining situations to people in a way that they’ll understand.

Weaknesses: Tifa is just an average person, even if she can pile drive tanks in the game. She doesn’t have any increased healing factors or any special affinity to the planet, she’s just a regular Joe. She makes do with what she has, but she can die just as easily as anyone else if she gets shot.

While she acts mature and has definitely seen more of the world than some 22 year olds, Tifa does have her moments of uncertainty and childishness. She deeply cares for Cloud, which led her to have small fits of jealousy over him when it came to Aerith. Those may have abated, but she is still afraid to lose Cloud in some form or another. Tifa cares about her loved ones a bit too much sometimes, willing to rearrange truths or hide facts in order to keep them safe. She doesn’t always think ahead, and sometimes winds up hurting people even worse than just telling the truth might have.

She has her own insecurities about herself as a woman and human being, about hurting people during her time in AVALANCHE, and is susceptible to guilty feelings. She doesn’t normally drown in her emotions, she’s learned well enough to keep those things in check, but even Tifa has her down moments.

History: Tifa was born in the small mountain village of Nibelheim, an only child who was very close to her parents. She was fairly popular, as she was cute, friendly, and a bold young girl. She was the object of Cloud Strife’s affection, and while she didn’t notice him because she was playing with her own friends, he watched her from afar. All she knew was that he lived next door and was quiet. Tifa’s mother died when she was still little, around when she was eight, and it broke her heart. In desperation, she tried climbing Mt. Nibel so she could go and see her mother on the other side, or so she thought. All of her friends chickened out along the way (except for Cloud who was following along like a stalker), and the bridge she was crossing broke, sending her plummeting dozens of feet to the ground. Amazingly enough, she didn’t die, and only ended up in a coma for a week. Cloud wasn’t harmed at all by the fall, and was blamed for Tifa’s injuries. She eventually recovered, and from that point on was told not to talk to Cloud Strife. She started noticing him a little more after that, especially because he started getting into a lot of fights in town.

Tifa and Cloud claimed to be childhood pals, but in truth, Cloud was really scared to talk to her for a pretty long time. They didn’t become friends until quite a while after Tifa’s fall. When Cloud was fourteen, he decided to join SOLDIER, an elite group of fighters that worked for Shinra, the most powerful company on Gaia. By this time, Tifa was interested in Cloud, so when he asked her to meet him at the town well one night, she came out to see him. Of course, she was surprised by the invitation, and didn’t know that one of Cloud’s biggest reasons for leaving and joining SOLDIER was in order to impress her. While out at the well, Tifa asked Cloud to promise her that when he became famous, he would one day come back and save her if she was ever in trouble. Cloud promised her, and she held dearly to that moment from then on out. A shooting star even went by to seal their promise. Cloud left to join soldier when he was 15, and Tifa was left behind. In this time she started learning martial arts with a man named Zangon, and was pretty good at using her fists and feet. She searched the newspaper each day for news of Cloud after this point, having now developed quite a crush on him, and waited patiently (or maybe not so patiently) for him to one day come back.

When the Nibelheim mission came up, Tifa was saddened to see that Cloud was not among the group sent to her town. She hadn’t heard from the boy in a long time, and had hoped he’d be among the SOLDIER sent there. However, Cloud hadn’t actually made it into SOLDIER, and was actually there as an infantryman. Ashamed by this, he hid behind his mask and Tifa was unaware. Still, she acted as a mountain guide for Zack, Sephiroth, and the two infantrymen there. After Sephiroth went crazy and burned the village to a crisp, Tifa went after the psycho to avenge her dad, who was killed in the fire. She was badly injured (aka, almost sliced in two like a Christmas ham) by Sephiroth at the reactor, and that’s when Cloud finally revealed himself and came to help her. He picked her up and carried her to a safer place, then fondled/groped her a bit to make sure she was okay. Seeing that she wasn’t dead, he went off to take care of Sephiroth. Brilliant knight in shining armor work there, kiddo. Brilliant.

After being saved, Tifa developed a strong hatred for Shinra, Sephiroth, and SOLDIER. It took her some time to heal; her master had taken her from the burned remains of Nibelheim to get treatment in Midgar and before ShinRa could get their hands on her. After healing, Tifa went and joined the AVALANCHE team; using the Seventh Heaven bar as their base while she tended the place as cook and barkeep. Later on, almost 5 years after her town burned, Tifa found Cloud at the Sector 7 train station, badly mixed up, and took him home with her. There she asked him to join AVALANCHE, and that’s where the FF7 story starts. Basically, she wanted to keep an eye on him and see what exactly had happened to him.

Final Fantasy 7 is a long story, and while I can go into the entire thing, I don’t think that’s the point. Tifa is nowhere near a stagnant character in the game though, and develops in her own way throughout the story. At the beginning of the game she has a very strong big sisterly vibe towards Cloud, seeming to want to keep him safe more than anything. She worries for him, and wants to make sure he doesn’t leave. This is why when Cloud attempts to head out after the first mission of the story; Tifa pulls the promise card and gets him to stay. Later, when Cloud is caught in an explosion and plummets down to the church below, the look of devastation on Tifa’s face is apparent.

When Cloud and Aerith go to save Tifa in Wall Market, Tifa is surprised to see Cloud with another woman, and acts a little jealous. She soon gets over this emotion for the time being, and trusts Aerith with the safety of Marlene and her bar when ShinRa comes in to drop the Sector Seven plate. AVALANCHE isn’t able to stop them however, and they walk away with the blame for dropping the plate, and with several lost friends (Whom they then forget about in the next two hours of the game. Ahhh, beautiful friendship). ShinRa now also has their hands on Aerith, who is super special snowflake awesome and no one actually likes her. Of course, Tifa feels partially responsible for Aerith’s kidnapping and is pretty gung ho to go and save her, which is exactly what the crew does. Wonderful. That’s just what I wanted to do. Yeah yeah, you do end up saving her. The only cool part is that you pick up a talking fire lion as a party member along the way.

After you leave Midgar, and Cloud tells the incredibly inaccurate story of what happens at Nibelheim, Tifa stands there and doesn’t disagree with him. His story is proof to her that something is indeed wrong with Cloud, and instead of immediately latching onto the inaccuracies, Tifa actually says nothing (Good. Job). She is afraid to lose Cloud if he realizes something is wrong with his memories, and instead she spends her time watching him from afar and taking care of him. When he asks her in Junon if they spent time together in Nibelheim aside from climbing the mountains together, she doesn’t exactly answer.

As Cloud starts to be manipulated by Sephiroth and falls further and further into a sort of insanity, Tifa begins to feel guilty for lying. She knows she should tell Cloud something is wrong, and ask if he ever ACTUALLY made it into SOLDIER, but she doesn’t (*Slow clap*). After the loss of Aerith (YAY!!!), devastated just like everyone else, she knows it’s not a good plan to confront things and decides to just continue pursuing Sephiroth as they originally intended. It isn’t until after Cloud loses it and decides to give the black materia to Sephiroth that Tifa realizes it’s time to come clean. Because even though it would have been SUPER HELPFUL BEFORE THE WORLD ENDING DISASTER, NOW’S AS GOOD A TIME AS ANY!!! Of course at this point Cloud goes missing and the rest of the team is captured by ShinRa. This is a part where Tifa shows she is actually capable of standing on her own and knows what the right thing to do is. She has a slap fight with Scarlet, wins, and escapes from Junon with the rest of her friends. After searching for Cloud for some time, they find him in Mideel, suffering from Mako poisoning and inspecting the structural integrity of the ceiling for several hours a day. Concerned for the man she loves and feeling like it’s her job to watch over him, Tifa leaves the party and takes care of Cloud until Weapon attacks Mideel.

This is where both Cloud and Tifa fall into the Lifestream and Tifa stands by Cloud’s side as he recovers his real memories (Fina-fucking-ly). Here we get to see how much Tifa can truly care, as well as how reassuring her presence can be and just how much her being there helps Cloud be stronger. When Cloud reclaims himself, Tifa comes back with him, feeling lighter and far more able to take on Sephiroth and the rest of the crises facing the world. Before traveling to the Northern Crater one last time, Cloud and Tifa share some time alone together, where it looks like Tifa might admit her feelings for Cloud, but we are never really shown if she does or not. What she does say is that her memories of Cloud and the time they have spent together are some of the most powerful things driving her at the time. If you’ve been nice to Tifa the whole game, which you totally should have been because she’s the best character around, the scene takes a slightly more romantic turn. It is speculated from the classic ‘panning up to the stars’ move that Cloud and Tifa might have made love that night. Which I totally support. Because it’s hot.

As the final battle with Sephiroth rolls around, you can, of course, take anyone from your party to the final fight (And of course you should totally bring the chain smoking pilot and fire lion, or possibly the talking cat doll). But after you win against Sephiroth’s final form, and are whisked off to fight him one on one as Cloud, who is it that reaches out for him as the Northern Crater begins to crumble? That’s right, Tifa. She is the one who attempts to pull him up as he slowly loses ground to the gigantic hole in the earth. Unfortunately, Tifa slips and Cloud ends up saving her instead (Sadly, Tifa’s bosom does not act as a flotation device D:). The two are saved and the whole team flies off to witness Holy vs Meteor, the most epic heavy weight championship in the world. How the game ends is left a total mystery until… ten years later for the gamers.

Advent Children starts with Tifa acting as mother to Marlene and Denzel, and a sort of business partner/lover??????? for Cloud as she takes care of Strife Delivery Service while he’s away. Tifa doesn’t have a gigantic part in AC, but she does reprise her role as pep-talker, kicking Cloud into gear when he falls into emo-ville. She also gets her own kick ass fight with Loz, one which she seems to do well in for a time, but then gets bashed around a bit too much and falls unconscious. We think this is because she was trying to keep Marlene safe, and got distracted from the fight with the young girl around. SHE PILEDRIVES TANKS, HOW DID LOZ GET THE BETTER OF HER??? Cloud rushes in later to see if she’s okay, but he soon passes out as well thanks to his Geostigma/emo-disease. It’s Reno and Rude who carry the two back to the bar (Betcha anything Rude felt her up along the way), and this is where Tifa gives Cloud her inspirational/get your butt in gear speech. She tells him to stop running, even if he can’t help people, he should at least try. And even if he is sick, that doesn’t matter, he’s still her family. When Cloud leaves to go find the kids, Tifa goes searching for Denzel within the city. She finds her later, brainwashed and standing with the other affected kids in front of the Meteor memorial statue in the center of Edge. Tifa immediately tries to get him to come with her, and risks her own safety fighting the monsters that Yazoo and Loz summon to get rid of the angry citizens of Edge. Finally, Cloud comes to help, and the fight goes in their favor once more. Seriously woman, stop getting your butt kicked.

Tifa’s final big part comes during the fight with Bahamut, as she grabs Cloud’s hand and launches him into the air yelling, “No giving up!” After that, she stands by and roots for Cloud as he fights with Sephiroth, worrying about him immensely when the building he’s standing on explodes. As the movie ends, and we see that Cloud is okay, Tifa gives Cloud a loving smile that pretty much says “Welcome home.”

[[This is a role-playing journal for wildsaber. I do not own Tifa or Final Fantasy 7 in any way. Beautiful layout provided by Fruitstyle designs. ]]